What is your clothing made from? 

Our clothing (unless stated otherwise) are made from a soft rayon with a few pieces being 100% cotton. Most items are printed by hand using an ancient Indian method of textile printing called 'hand block print'. This is where motifs are carved into blocks of wood and stamped onto the fabric. Read more about the art block printing here.

How do I wash my purchase?

ISHANI Designs clothing should be hand washed separately in cold water using mild detergent. If you find that a small amount of starch remains in the fabric after the first wash this is totally normal due to the block printing process. A warm iron will make your ISHANI piece beautifully soft until the starch disappears after a few washes. 


What is your sizing like?

Most of our clothing is labelled with sizes Small, Medium and Large. In some cases they will be labelled as S/M and M/L. In these cases the sizes are as follows (unless stated otherwise)-
S (AU 10) 
M (AU 12)
L (AU 14)
S/M (AU 10-12)
M/L (AU 14-16)

If any item is labelled as "free size" or "one size" then these will usually fit AU 8-14 unless stated otherwise. Please read product description for more accurate information. 

What should should I expect?

Block-printed fabrics are printed by hand and by nature are perfectly 'imperfect'. Each one of our unique prints can never be replicated 100% exactly the same each time. Not only because of it's hand made nature but also the end results/colours can be influenced by a multitude of things such as the local weather conditions, how long the prints dry in the sun, to the water used and levels of acidity and consistency of dyes. These are all unpredictable conditions that make our prints so beautifully unique and unable to be mass produced. 


We sure do! Please email us at info@ishanidesigns.com.au if you wish to stock ISHANI.