Caribbean Calcite Tower

$10.00 $22.00
Caribbean calcite is a more recently discovered crystal made up of a combination of blue calcite, white aragonite, and light brown aragonite.

Caribbean calcite’s benefits are still being discovered however it's believed to activate psychic abilities, facilitates lucid dreaming, and provides enhanced dream insight. Its soothing vibration helps to balance the mind, creating space for calm and peaceful thoughts


Total length- 5.5cm
Total width- 2.5 cm

Total length- 7.5 cm
Total width- 2.5 cm

Total length- 8 cm
Total width- 3 cm

Total length- 7 cm
Total width- 2.5 cm

Listing is for 1 Caribbean calcite point/tower.

Made from natural Caribbean calcite gemstone. Each piece is unique and will vary. No two pieces are the same. 

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