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Hello everyone! Welcome to our very first blog post. 

At Isla & Marigold, we cherish the value our suppliers bring to our business. From independent creatives to blossoming small businesses, we are proud to feature the works and designs of such wonderfully talented women, and it's with great pleasure to feature their stories on our blog. 

This is first of many of the 'Babes Behind the Brand' series, an interview with sisters-in-law team Teagan and Dani Scott of blossom + bloom.


How did you start your business? Where did the inspiration come from?

It was a COVID hobby. Filling our homes with delicious scents while spending so much time inside. It grew from there and within 12 months it has boomed.

What does the name of your business mean to you? How did you come up with it?

While we toyed with the idea of turning hobby into biz, daisies (yes the flower) kept making very interesting appearances, at very strange times – for both of us! We took it as a sign that YES let’s pursue this.  So naturally we wanted a floral to feature, and then Bloom because that’s what we want our business to do. Blossom + Bloom.

What kind of products do you sell? What makes your products different or unique in the marketplace?

We sell candles and have just started expanding to diffusers.  We wanted to use high quality products.  We use pure soy wax (no nasties) and lead free wicks.  We have meticulously designed our beautiful packaging inspired by beautiful destinations around Australia. 

What is your business mission?

To continue to hand pour high quality products to provide for retail store.  Our success equals their success, and we love everything about supporting and encouraging small business.

What are the top 3 to 5 values your business holds?

Integrity, Commitment to customers, Passion.

How long have you been running your business? 

We lunched Nov 21, so almost one.

What do you find most challenging about running a business?

Dani – Technology and business side of things but can make candles like a boss.

Teags – Not having enough hours in the day to get through the ‘to do list’.

What do you find most rewarding or meaningful about running your business?

Definitely seeing our product in stores and seeing how well they sell for our stockists! We love nothing more than supporting others in business.

How do you recharge? What is your ideal self-care day?

Dani – Massage and facial at a day spa.

Teags – Long beach walk followed by good food and wine.

What was the best gift you’ve ever been given? Why?

Both- Rings we got for our 30th birthdays.

What is your best tip for getting things done? How do you motivate yourself to tackle your to-do list?

Dani – Get up and make all the beds to make her feel like she has it together.

Teags – Coffee, beach walk to think of the plan of attack.

When you’re not busy running your business, what are you doing?

Dani – Working part time as a dental nurse and being a Mum to Ivy (6) and Ollie (3).

Teags – The juggling act of 3 boys and all the activities Frankie (10) Ted (8) and Jimmy (3).

Who is your biggest cheerleader? Tell us about how they support you.

The husbands – brothers.

Dani – Her husband Mitch.  Always saying how proud of what we are achieving and encouraging us.

Teags – Her husband Tim.  Always encouraging and empowering our growth and telling every person he crosses paths with about us.

Fun facts about yourself that you would like to share:

Dani – loves dipping her ham and cheese toastie into a cup of tea

Teags – is yet to find a food she doesn’t like – food is life; and when she was little she thought pot holes in the road were from men walking home from the pubs and dropping their pots of beer!

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