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As a part of our brand spotlight series "Babes Behind the Brand" we interviewed Chantel from the divine self-care brand Bon Lux.

How did you start your business? Where did the inspiration come from?

BON LUX began in 2015. I'd studied fine arts and worked in art, design and fashion for my whole life, but after my son started school I decided to start my own business where I could combine my knowledge of fashion and design with my creative loves- flowers, textiles and perfume, and BON LUX was born!

Flowers are my insipration, and thats the starting point. I wanted to make lovely, handmade things inspired by flowers for people to love and to love sharing.

What kind of products do you sell? What makes your products different or unique in the marketplace?

We make natural perfume, deodorant, magnesium spray, room spray, bubble bath and bath salts, face mists and scented candles. To pair with these scented things, are printed linen textiles made into eye pillows and wheat bags, filled with dried flowers. The entire range is designed for supporting people through their day with flower-inspired-mood and body boosts like a refreshing spritz of face mist, a muscle spray after exercise, a scented bath after work, a wheat bag to snuggle, a candle to burn after dinner.

BON LUX is different to other similar brands in the marketplace as there's just me behind it! I create the perfumes, the blends, the textiles, the packaging and hopefully that means BON LUX has a strong aesthetic of happy, joyful flower vibes in everything we do! 
Also, I make everything with the practice of ‘ahimsa’ which in Sanskrit means to ‘to do no harm to living things’ so that means I use no animal products, and no threatened species ingredients, and all products are cruelty free and vegan. We package with no plastic, and produce in a solar powered studio.

What is your business mission?

BON LUX perfumes are made using the ancient art of natural perfumery which is the blending of plant and flower extracts, and no synthetics or commercial fragrances are ever used. It's a creative and thoughtful approach to perfumery, which is different to other brands. 

What are the top 3 to 5 values your business holds?

Our values are to create hand made, small batch, thoughtful things for self care and gifting, which are kind to animals and plants, and the world.

We treasure our relationships with our suppliers and wholesale customers, our followers and customers. We believe in connections with all of these folks in the cycle of our business and couldn’t do any of it without them! We work closely and support other small businesses and 100% believe in small shops! 

How long have you been running your business?

8-9 years! It feels like yesterday but it’s almost a decade! Its been an organic growth, and I'm proud I'm still here in a crazy challenging world.

What do you find most challenging about running a business?

Instagram algorithm!! Like everyone, getting in front of people is a challenge when you don't have a marketing team or budget. Not comparing ourselves to others (SO HARD), not being able to do all the things which need doing, staying on top of work flow while still allowing time to be creative. Trying not to work 7 days a week. Not getting burnt out! So many challenges. 

What do you find most rewarding or meaningful about running your business?

I am mindful about work-life balance and don't have crazy ambitions to be some mega-brand. I'm happiest that I get the chance to be creative and make a living out of it. BON LUX is about small moments of joy and that applies to my approach working in the business too. I'm proud of the integrity of the range and the positive relationships forged in this business.

How do you recharge? What is your ideal self-care day?

Walking in nature, walking in the suburbs, the city, walking my dog Daisy. Gardening, thinking about gardening, visiting garden shop, cooking and decorating cakes with flowers, visiting my mates!

What was the best gift you’ve ever been given? Why?

Plants, flowers, plant books, seeds.

What is your best tip for getting things done? How do you motivate yourself to tackle your to-do list?

Wake up early, write lists and chip away at things every day.

When you’re not busy running your business, what are you doing?

Go to the beach, go for bush walks, look at flowers.

Who is your biggest cheerleader? Tell us about how they support you.

My bestie, my partner, my son. They’re so supportive and I couldn’t do it without them. I'm their number 1 cheerleader too! 

Fun facts about yourself that you would like to share:

When I was a kid I used to make ‘perfume’ from squashed orange blossoms, rose petals and mandarin peels and bottle it to sell in the front yard with posies I picked from my mums garden…and here we are!



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